Custom Web Design

Does your website need a makeover? Is your website taking advantage of today's mobile devices? Stewart Services has been designing and implimenting web sites since April, 2000. The internet has changed drastically over the last 10 years, as a small business owner it is important as ever to keep your website updated.


There can be many confusing terms used today for the web... SEO, jQuery, HTML, javascript, PHP, ASPX, Bootstrap, etc. etc.. As a small business owner, unless you have time to do your homework on the subject, having a website created or redone can sometimes be a daunting task. Sure, there are many "free" website builders, but using them can be time-consuming, or they have some sort of "catch" in using their free service. Often those builders use templates and are limited by what is available in their template selection. Then once you choose a template, you have to create all of the text and pages for your site.  Now, if you have the time to do it, great!. If your like many small business owners we know, time is a valuable commodity and needs to be spent managing their business, not learning web design and coding.

New Site Design

Nowadays, it is essential to have a website. More and more people turn to the internet for their information. With computers and personal devices becoming cheaper and more accessible, it is really no longer optional for your company not to have a website.

Website Makeovers

Is your website looking a little dated? Did you have one made years ago and haven't really looked at it since? Are you embarrassed to give your website information to customers?  If you answered yes to any of this questions, then give Stewart Services a try. We can offer you a free evaluation of your current website, along with some suggestions for a new fresh design!

Mobile Web Design

Phones and tablets are more and more the choice of people to access the internet. It is SO IMPORTANT to make sure your website is mobile ready. Search engines are starting to put priority on mobile friendly website design. Your customers need to have a mobile friendly user interface to see your products or services. Stewart Services can help get your website mobile friendly for a wallet-friendly price!

“Jim has done a lot of work for our company, including both the regular website and a mobile site, a great deal of custom programing, and a mobile app for which we won an industry award. Jim is easy to work with and his prices are fair. No hesitation on giving Jim a two-thumbs-up testimonial.”

Dale Howard - Regional Chimney Supply, LLC.

“I have had Stewart Services build and maintain my website for the past 10 years. I have been incredibly happy with the product, the reliability, the artistry and the price. I have had numerous compliments from people who view my website as well. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking to build a website.”

Kurt Soens - Smokestacks, Inc.

“I have used Mr. Stewart to develop my website and make sure it was compliant to be used and seen on mobile devices. Since he redesigned my website and made it mobile friendly, I have noted that most of my calls are from cell phones - directly from the mobile site. The web design works perfectly for my small chimney business and I could not be happier to have worked with Jim. He was professional, took time to know my business and the turnaround time was expedient. I cannot recommend him any more highly. Please feel free to give me a call if you want to ask anything about my experience in working with Stewart Services! ”

Barb Peters - Top Hat Chimney LLC

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