Custom Software Services

Needing custom software doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Many small businesses don't have the budgets for I.T. services, yet many small businesses have a need for custom software or solutions. Stewart Services is dedicated to serving the small business community by offering low-cost, affordable custom software and solutions.


Owning a small business is time consuming. We all use off-the-shelf software such as word processing, spreadsheets, accounting software and more. But from time to time, we run into a situation that requires more than the standard offerings. That is where custom-built software comes in. Having some custom built software for your business can help make tasks that were once difficult and time-consuming, as easy as a click of the mouse!

But what about the cost? Isn't having custom software built expensive? There is no short answer to these questions. As business owners, we tend to look at the bottom line price of what something costs, but what about savings? If you can have a piece of software that saves you even an hour a day, over the course of the year, that software has paid for itself.

QuickBooks™ Integrations

Do you use QuickBooks™? Do you want to get data out of Quickbooks for analytics? or maybe create a mailing list based on certain sales? Stewart Services can help. We can create a custom QuickBooks™ solution for your company!

Desktop Software

Does your business need custom software to keep track of customers, sales, analytics or other business data?. Stewart Services can create a software package that will help keep your business up and running smoothly. Specializing in .NET, we can create reports, models, etc. for your business!


Have you ever wanted your business information in the palm of your hand? Have you wished that your customers could get in touch with you easily? With today's customers using their personal devices more and more, mobile software is quickly becoming a must for many small businesses.

“Jim has done a lot of work for our company, including both the regular website and a mobile site, a great deal of custom programing, and a mobile app for which we won an industry award. Jim is easy to work with and his prices are fair. No hesitation on giving Jim a two-thumbs-up testimonial.”

Dale Howard - Regional Chimney Supply, LLC.

“I have had Stewart Services build and maintain my website for the past 10 years. I have been incredibly happy with the product, the reliability, the artistry and the price. I have had numerous compliments from people who view my website as well. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking to build a website.”

Kurt Soens - Smokestacks, Inc.

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